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Pain Initiative at the United Nations 

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This Initiative is a request to the United Nations Organization, through the Commission on Human Rights, for the implementation of an International Convention, designed to promote the Treatment of Pain such that it is universally recognized and proclaimed as a Fundamental Right of Human Beings.


The Treatment of pain should receive the preponderance and relevance that it legitimately merits, in the frame of the rights and prerogatives of humankind.

The Treatment of Pain should not be merely the privilege of some, but a Fundamental Right of every living Human Being.


At this moment in the history of mankind, science has obtained enough knowledge to provide human beings with the necessary means to considerably – if not totally – alleviate the presence of physical and psychological pain, which has been the most terrible flagellation of the human genre ever since its origins… 


Article 25 (of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) stresses the right of every human being to “a standard of living adequate for health and well-being”. Unfortunately, health and well-being are not even an option in countless cases, and many of us – due to old age or disease inherent to our human nature – are left only with the circumstance of pain and suffering…


As pain and suffering present one of the greatest tyrannies of mankind, society should do its utmost to use any means available through current scientific knowledge to avoid suffering, and to provide human beings with all available and possible means of curing their pain, or ameliorating it, thus granting them compassionate relief and dignity both in life and in dying.

The treatment of pain should not be the Privilege Of Some, But A Fundamental Right Of Every Living Human Being



Universal Declaration of Human Rights