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We have letters and words of endorsement from many thousands of people and organizations all around the world, to name only a few of them:

  • The American Society of Anesthesiologist in representation of 37,000       members.  The President of that organization wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Koffi Annan, encouraging the Initiative    implementation. 

  • The Italian Chapter of the World Society of Pain Clinicians.  This Society       created a site on the Internet supporting the Initiative in its original form

  • The Federation of Latin American Societies for the Study and Treatment of Pain (FEDELAT), members of the IASP by unanimous vote.  In the last meeting in Perú of the Latin American Congress on Pain (June 2004) the Support to the Initiative was declared at the closure as one of the principal achievements of the meeting.  Dr. Miguel Lujan from México, President of FEDELAT has the written Declaration.  Mrs. Myriam Acuña, IASP Delegate and representative of Uruguay in the FEDELAT meeting was also present.

  • The Puerto Rican Society for the Study and Treatment of Pain by unanimous approval

  • The Puerto Rican College of Physicians and Surgeons by unanimous approval

  • Racks Gabor, MB, ChB, Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences

  • Raj P. Prithvi M.D. Lubbock, Texas

  • Menno E. Sluijter M.D. Luzern, Switzerland

  • David Niv, he gave us his personal endorsement and we asked for the EFIC endorsement.               

  • Ricardo Plancarte, Cancer Institute, México

  • Diego Belttruti, Cuneo, Italy

  • Alexander Texeira, Porto Portugal

  • Ricardo Ruiz López, Madrid, Spain

  • M. Salim, FRCA, PhD, Lalazar Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • Carlos Rodríguez in representation of Baxter, Inc.

  • José Enrique Alicea in representation of Medtronic, Inc.

  • Gerry Saint Pierre in representation of Baylis, Inc.

  • Margarita Araiza de Arteaga, Medical Faculty, National University of Colombia

  • Manuel Marín Muñoz, Pain Specialist, Málaga, Spain

  • Dr. Robert Raw, Director Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy Society of South Africa.

  • Bibiana Escobar Súarez, Medical Faculty, Nacional University of Colombia

  • Nelson Robles, Cancerology, San Pablo, Puerto Rico

  • Spanish Society of Pain (SED).  In the meeting with FEDELAT in Perú (June 2004), we obtained the unanimous support of Spanish Delegates to the Symposium.

  • World Institute of Pain (although all the members of its Board of Directors have personally endorsed the Initiative, they will propose the official endorsement of the organization in its next meeting).

  • Carlos Fernández, President of the Colombian Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter

  • Daniel Jiménez, President of the Dominican Republic Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP chapter in formation

  • Daniel Solis, President of the Argentinean Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP chapter

  • Héctor Molina, President of the Guatemalan Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter in Formation

  • María Antonieta Rico, President of the Chilean Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter

  • Jorge Sarango, President of the Peruvian Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter

  • Mauricio Gutfrajend, President of the Bolivian Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter

  • Maximiliano Araiza, President of the El Salvador Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter in formation

  • Miguel Lujan, President of the Latina American Federation of Societies for the Study of Pain (FEDELAT), Latina American IASP Chapters

  • Miriam Acuña, President of the Uruguayan Society for the Study of Pain, an IASP Chapter, IASP Delegate to Latin America

  • Sara Bistre, President of the Mexican Society for the Study of Pain (AMED), an IASP Chapter

And many more that have assisted our conferences, that have received our mail, that have been us through the public media, that have been notified by others or that have reached us through the internet.


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