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About us

As a physician dedicated to the treatment of pain Dr. Ibarra witnessed the enormous suffering of uncountable number of human beings and so corroborated the worldwide known under- treatment of that condition.  As a missionary in Latin America he developed the idea of bringing that enormous problem to the focus of the United Nations in order to initiate a movement to promote the treatment of pain to the level of one of the Fundamental Rights of Human Beings. He became aware of the concept that the treatment of pain should receive the preponderance and relevance it legitimately merits in the frame of the rights and prerogatives of humankind.

After almost 20 years of working disseminating the idea all over the World and after various official contacts with the United Nations, on November 08,  2002 the “FOUNDATION FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT AS A HUMAN RIGHT” was registered in the State Department of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a non profit organization, the original incorporators where: Elfren Bernier, Puerto Rican writer, humanist and benefactor, Pedro Malavet Vega, Puerto Rican legal scholar, writer, music historian and benefactor, José de la Texera Barnes, Puerto Rican writer, jurist and benefactor and Eduardo Ibarra, physician dedicated to the treatment of pain.

Prestigious organizations around the World have offered us financial help in the construction of the UN resolution project, the final protocols, and the proposed final text for the Convention and the Pact of the member nations.  This final phase is requiring an enormous amount of work, talent and the collaboration of many persons and institutions.


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